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St. Paul Family Care Programs

Homebound Care

St. Paul strives to provide the spiritual care and aid in the physical care of all our St. Paul family members throughout all of life. If a family member has trouble regularly attending St. Paul, our pastors, Sonshine Team, and deacons are ready to bring God's Word and a helping hand wherever it's needed. Our pastors and deacons regularly provide spiritual service to members unable to attend worship, and our Sonship team and other members regularly visit the home-bound. During Christmas time, we carol our shut-ins, and throughout the year we strive to be in tune with our family members' needs. If you or a family member or friend are finding it hard to make it to church regularly, please contact Sue in the church office ( so that we can begin mobilizing for you.

Be a Friend

Do you remember having your first nightmare as a child and someone coming in and comforting you? Maybe giving you a big bear hug or reminding you that God is bigger than your greatest fears. For many of us, being alone is scary, especially if you feel forgotten or start losing abilities that were once second-nature to you. Being a friend to the hurting or disabled is a wonderful expression of Christ’s love. St. Paul is a family of real people with real fears who comfort one another when the going gets rough: hospital visits, transportation, sharing God’s Word…these are just a few of the ways you can support your Christian brothers and sisters. For more information, please contact Sue ( and ask to be put in contact with our Sonshine Team.

Be a Warm Meal

Do you remember being sick as a child and someone caring for you the whole day through? Maybe making you a soft bed, bringing you warm tea, your favorite soup? Loving someone when they are down is a wonderful expression of care. From the joyful but chaotic months of having a new child, to the fright of getting that awful diagnosis or the anguish of losing a loved one, St Paul is a family of real people with real hurt who provide one another with tender-care in those much-needed moments. For more information, please contact Fran Grichen and Wendy Lallier.