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Global Action Programs

Christian Aid and Relief

As a member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod, St. Paul advocates for and supports Christian Aid and Relief.  This organization provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid to people around the world who have been devastated by natural disasters and other tragedies. They also help individuals with catastrophic medical and personal needs. For their latest updates and features, please visit

Global Partners with LWMS

Each year, St. Paul hosts and takes part in annual service projects that support Christians and their communities around the world. In the past few years, we at St. Paul have supported global efforts to aid inter-city music camps in Toronto, ESL programs in Vancouver, medical missions in Malawi, self-sustaining fair trade in Thailand, building projects in Nepal, and local orphanages and schools in Haiti. All projects are organized through St. Paul’s chapter of LWMS (Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society), who meet regularly throughout the year to increase awareness, interest, and support of WELS global missions. LWMS is comprised of women from over 900 member congregations throughout the US, Canada, and the West Indies. St. Paul is part of the LWMS Freedom Circuit, which consists of 13 churches both in Ontario and the Eastern United States.