Home Sunday School, May 24th

Way to go, parents! We know that there are many stressors and challenges on you right now, but If you are on this page, it means you have already taken the biggest step in your child’s on-going Christian education: Making the decision to just do it! There is nothing more important than assuring your child of God’s love and forgiveness and his almighty hand in this world. These lessons are a great way to keep you and your family centered each and every week of this quarantine. We pray that you will be richly blest in your efforts.  

Home Sunday School, May 24th

Each Sunday, our Youth Coordinator puts up a simplified step-by-step lesson that you can follow for all ages (Birth-Age 14). You do not need to complete everything on this page, but pick and choose what will work for you and your family. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and his Word, God promises to use your efforts to strengthen and encourage your child in their faith. So do not be afraid. You do not have to be the best teacher in the world. Even if you just read the story with them each week, your child will benefit!  But we do have lots of fun and enjoyable activities below. And If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page, you will always find a few stress-busting activities to benefit your family's heart, mind, and soul. 

Nursery Circle Time

Young kids (Birth-Age 6) can learn the same lesson as the big kids with this Sunday's Nursery Circle Songs and Story.This week, your little ones are learning about what we mean when we say "God is with us" and Christ's Great Commission. 

Lesson: Jesus Ascends into Heaven


Read Aloud Together our Memory Work Passage through June 7th, reminding us that God's grace and our salvation is a gift from God: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8,9)


Click Here for the PDF of the story to read aloud with younger children. Grades 5-8, read aloud Acts 1:1-12


Have children take turns. Ask Kinder-Grade 2 age children to remember one item they remember from the story; have older children retell as much as they can remember until the whole story has been retold. 


1. Why did Jesus show himself to the disciples and hundreds more during the 40 days after Easter? (To prove that he was alive, that he wasn’t a ghost; that they didn’t imagine it, but that he was a real, living breathing person who came back from the dead).
2. Besides appearing to people, what else was Jesus doing those 40 days? (Teaching his disciples’ from God’s Word the reasons for his death and resurrection).
3. What would Jesus send his disciples to help them? (He would send the Holy Spirit to give them power and strength). 
4. What were the disciples to do after the Holy Spirit had come to them?  (“The Great Commission”-- to go and teach others about Jesus).
5. In what ways is Jesus with us? (From heaven, Jesus guides and rules all things. He is constantly watching over us and guiding our lives. Though God’s Word, Jesus continues to teach and guide us. He also gives us baptism and the Lord's Supper as means of grace. And he sends the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts to give us faith, courage, and strength).
Does Jesus send us out as well? (Yes, he gives us the same mission: to go and be Christ's ambassadors and teach others about him).

Watch artist Patti Rokus tell the story of Jesus ascending into heaven using rocks and pebbles. And then collect a few of your own and see what story you can tell! For older children, here is Lumo's historically re-enacted version. 


Jesus is With Me Gameboard

Print or Draw your Own Gameboard. In this game, your child(ren) can apply how Jesus is with us through our whole life, through the happy and the sad times. Use buttons or rocks for game pieces. Players take turns rolling a die (or flip a coin, see game below) and moving that many spaces. 

  • When landing on a happy face: name a happy time Jesus is with us. 
  • When landing on a sad face: name a sad time Jesus is with us. 
  • Do nothing for plain spaces. 

God's Word Guides Me Gameboard
When Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave us his Word to teach and guide us while we remain on this earth. In this game, your child(ren) can apply how God's Word guides us. The “child of God” moves laong the path of life. Flip a coin to determine the number of spaces to move. If the coin is “heads,” move the token one space, and if it is “tails,” move two spaces. At each space there is a Bible reference to read. Read the reference from the Bible to the child(ren) or have them read to you,  and discuss how the passage helps to guide them. 

Activity Sheets
For younger grades: Just like the first disciples, God also sends us out on a mission--we are his ambassadors called to serve and teach others about him. God loves the whole world and wants all people to know him. Print or Draw Your Own Color by Letter Sheets, reminding us that we are to "go and make disciples of all nations." 
Grade 5-8: Click here for the PDF of their weekly Workbook to complete.

Grade 7/8: Grades 7/8 can either follow along with the lesson above, or they can work independently on their Ephesians Bible study. Their teacher, Mr. Jules Palaisy, is available to answer their questions. For Ephesians, they are focusing on the first half of Lesson 5 (questions 1-5).

God so Loved the World Craft Ideas

Jesus gives us his Word and the Holy Spirit, to not only bless us with faith and the joy that comes from knowing we are his, but also, to go and share this good news with the world. Today's crafts focus on this Great Commission and our love for all nations. Here are a few different ideas for today (or maybe to come back to this week). Younger children who watched Patti Rokus tell a story using rocks, can make thier own World and hearts using rocks. You can also make Great Commission Cookies (all you need is a sugar cookie recipe and food coloring); here are instructions for Great Commission Salt-dough Globe Necklaces; or a Milk and Food Coloring Object Lesson.  

Close your family in prayer. This can be your own prayer, the Lord's Prayer, or the prayer below: 
"Dear loving Jesus, thank you for always being with us and watching over us. Guide us through your Word, and bless us with your Holy Spirit. Amen. 

These are great songs to play while you work on the craft above or while you are making lunch!

Kinder-Grade 4* are learning a new family lullaby: "Jesus Loves Me/Jesus Tender Shepherd, Hear Me" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Here is the sheet music and the link to sing-alongGrades 5-8 are learning a new hymn of hope and assurance: "He Will Hold me Fast." Here is the sheet music and the link to the family hymn sing. It opens with memory work from Psalm 139: "You have searched me Lord and you know me.  You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hands will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." 

Stress-Busting Ideas for the Week Ahead

God Guides Our Thinking

God's Word not only shares the gospel message of salvation history, it is also shows us how life works best. It doesn't guide us in what is good so that we can get right with God. Jesus has already done that for us. But with a gospel-foscused heart, out of thanksgiving, we can go to God's Word for guidance and truth. Parents, take a look at these common thinking traps, ways we can distort reality, which brings about worry and anxiousness in our lives. And then take a look at how this worry might effect how we respond to situations during this quarantine. This week, listen to Pastor Thompson's trio of video meditations on three of these thinking traps and how the Bible restores our minds. See if you can identify when you or your child(ren) fall into these traps. Discuss this together, identifying them and gospel-motivated ways to reframe our thinking. 

Flashlight Tag

Show your family a flashlight that has no batteries in it. Try to turn it on. Discuss why it won’t work—that it has no batteries to give it power. Ask family members to name other things that need power to work.Then talk about how we are like those items: We need power to do the work Jesus has given us to do, the work of witnessing for him. Discuss where our power comes from—not from batteries but from the Holy Spirit, working through God’s Word. Then, add some batteries and go outside and have some fun playing flashlight tag together.