Home Sunday School, May 17th

Way to go, parents! We know that there are many stressors and challenges on you right now, but If you are on this page, it means you have already taken the biggest step in your child’s on-going Christian education: Making the decision to just do it! There is nothing more important than assuring your child of God’s love and forgiveness and his almighty hand in this world. These lessons are a great way to keep you and your family centered each and every week of this quarantine. We pray that you will be richly blest in your efforts.  

Home Sunday School, May 17th

Each Sunday, our Youth Coordinator puts up a simplified step-by-step lesson that you can follow for all ages (Birth-Age 14). You do not need to complete everything on this page, but pick and choose what will work for you and your family. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and his Word, God promises to use your efforts to strengthen and encourage your child in their faith. So do not be afraid. You do not have to be the best teacher in the world. Even if you just read the story with them each week, your child will benefit!  But we do have lots of fun and enjoyable activities below. And If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page, you will always find a few stress-busting activities to benefit your family's heart, mind, and soul. 

Nursery Circle Time

Young kids (Birth-Age 6) can learn the same lesson as the big kids with this Sunday's Nursery Circle Songs and Story.This week, your little ones are learning about how far Jesus would go to rescue them and how he is our greatest treasure. 

Lesson: Jesus Battles Sin and Death


Read Aloud Together our Memory Work Passage through June 7th, reminding us that God's grace and our salvation is a gift from God: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8,9)


Click Here for the PDF of the story to read aloud with younger children. Grades 5-8, read aloud Mark 15:20-32


Have children take turns. Ask Kinder-Grade 2 age children to remember one item they remember from the story; have older children retell as much as they can remember until the whole story has been retold. 


1. The soldiers made Jesus carry his cross to Calvary. What other heavy load did Jesus carry to Calvary? [The heavy load of all the sins of the world.] 
2. Why do you think Jesus could no longer carry his cross? [Jesus was human. As true man, he was tired and hurt. The cross was heavy. He had been up all night.] 
3. As true God, what could Jesus have chosen to do instead of walking to Calvary? [He could have used his power to get off the cross and not battle sin and death.] 
4. If Jesus was not only human but also God, why did he let himself be nailed to a cross to die? [He did it out of love for us. He knew this was the only way to defeat sin and death in order to rescue/redeem you and me.] 
5. God gives us so many blessings—homes and families, friends and talents—yet, the Bible tells us that Jesus is the biggest blessing of all. How come? First, Jesus is the capital B BLESSING from which all other blessings flow. Jesus fixes the brokenness--the sinfulness inside of us--giving us his holiness and bringing us back to God as perfect and holy children. Only in light of this, can we then see all of our other blessings for what they are: gifts from the Lord that are given to us to praise and serve Him.  Second, all our material blessings will fade away as we come closer to death, but Jesus will carry us through death to heaven.  Jesus is the only treasure that will last. 

This is an excellent, animated re-telling of Good Friday that doesn’t use narration but color and sound in interesting ways. But as the story of Good Friday can be hard for us to watch at any age, this may not be appropriate for the youngest of children. I would gear it for 6+. Younger children would enjoy reviewing the story by watching our Nursery Circle Video for today. For older children, here is Lumo's historically re-enacted version. But again, it is bloody, so parent's use your own discretion as to what is appropriate for your child.  


My Greatest Treasure Scavenger Hunt

Have your child(ren) run around the house searching for items. Have each item be related to a blessing that they have. Have the last item be a children’s bible, and discuss how Jesus is our greatest treasure. Here are some examples of Clues, which you can make easier or harder depending upon the age of your child(ren): (#1 Look here for where we hide the treats, #2. If you want to play a game with Mom or Dad, look here, #3. Check under here for a good night’s rest, #4. If your tummy rumbles, you might look here, #5 Check here for something warm to wear, etc.).   

  1. Write 5 clues…or more if you really get into this. 

  2. Hold on to clue #1.

  3. Hide clue #2 in the spot that clue #1 points to. Hide clue #3 in the spot that clue #2 points, etc. 

  4. Hide a children’s bible in the spot that clue #5 points to. 

  5. Discuss how all the other blessings are great when understood as gifts from the Lord but that Jesus is our greatest Treasure

 Activity Sheets
For younger grades, there is a nice Coloring Summary Worksheet or Puzzler. For the Puzzler, the answers are below: 

1. JESUS, 2. SKULL, 3. LOSS, 4. SOLDIERS, 5. SIGN, 6. NAZARETH, 7. HAVE, 8. ENEMIES, 9. SHOUTED, 10. DOWN, 11. NOW, 12.WANTS, 13. SAVE, 14. ENDURED, 15. DIED 

Grade 5-8: Click here for a Crossword summary of the Lesson or Click here for the PDF of their weekly Workbook to complete. For the Crossword, the answers are below: 

[Across: 2. KING, 7. PAINKILLER, 8. NAILS,
9. PERFECT, 11. TWO, 12. (LOTS), 13. SINS,
14. CRIMINAL, 16. CHIEF, 17. REDEEM, 18. LIFE. 

Grade 7/8: Grades 7/8 can either follow along with the lesson above, or they can work independently on their Ephesians Bible study. Their teacher, Mr. Jules Palaisy, is available to answer their questions. For Ephesians, they are focusing on the second half of Lesson 4 (questions 6-13). Today, we are studying Paul's powerful prayer to the Ephesians and the power of Christ's love to motivate us to be peace-makers. 

My Greatest Treasure Poster/Prayer

Make your own Jesus treasure Chest/Prayer Poster (older kids could turn this into a journal page). Print out this template or use the image to draw your own. Write in one of the prayers or songs below, reminding us why Jesus is our greatest treasure, and then decorate. If you have contact paper, you can also try this fun additionThen, hang it up somewhere you will all see it and be reminded of Jesus' unending love for you. 

Younger Children's Prayer
I am trusting you Lord Jesus
You have died for me, 
All my sins have been forgiven. I am free
I am trusting you Lord Jesus
As you guide my way
In your loving arms you hold me night and day. 

Older Children's Prayer: 
Dear Jesus, I know that every good and perfect gift comes from you:
Your love for me is never giving up, always and forever agape love 
To you, I am precious
I am forgiven; I am redeemed; I am loved; I am yours
You give me a heart to love and hands to serve; 
You give me life and breath; home and family; work and play; 
You sustain me
Lord help me to remember, that you, and you alone are my priceless treasure
Guard my heart and mind to not be distracted by glitter and glory
But to use all you give me for your glory


Close your family in prayer. This can be your own prayer, the Lord's Prayer, or the prayer below: 
"Dear Savior, how far you went for me—all the way to Calvary! Your love is so great! Help us see the seriousness of sin and the great love you showed in all you did to save us. Cause us all to grow in our love for you. Amen."


These are great songs to play while you work on the craft above or while you are making lunch!

Kinder-Grade 4* are learning a new family lullaby: "Jesus Loves Me/Jesus Tender Shepherd, Hear Me" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Here is the sheet music and the link to sing-alongGrades 5-8 are learning a new hymn of hope and assurance: "He Will Hold me Fast." Here is the sheet music and the link to the family hymn sing. It opens with memory work from Psalm 139: "You have searched me Lord and you know me.  You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hands will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." 

Stress-Busting Ideas for the Week Ahead

Secret Treasures

Have each family member wrap up something that is a treasure to him or her. Take turns giving clues and trying to guess one another's treasures. Unwrap the treasures to see which guesses were correct and maybe even enjoy your favorite teasure treat as you discuss the following: Jesus tells us that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). When we keep Jesus as our greatest treasure, we get the opportunity to use our treasures to glorfy God in all we do. But when we make our secret treasures our #1 treasure, we sin against God and lose sight of what is most important in life. Pray together as a family, asking God's forgiveness for when we make our secret treasures #1 in our life, thanking him for making us his perfect and holy children, and asking him to help us to keep him at the center of our life. 

"I Forgive You"

One of our greatest treasures through Jesus is knowing God says these three words to us each and every day and that we get to say these powerful words to each other. These may already be very common words in your house, but if not, or if your children are wee little, this is a great opportunity to start using them in your home. When siblings sin against each other, practice resolving it with these three words: 

Sibling 1: "I am sorry for....Will you forgive me?" 
Sibling 2: When they are ready: "I forgive you." 
Sibling 2: "I am sorry for...Will you forgive me?" 
Sibling 1: When they are ready: "I forgive you." 

Read together Psalm 103:12. Discuss how God has removed our sins forever. In the same way, discuss how when we forgive, we do not keep bringing up that sin over and over again--we can do that when we are trying to resolve why we were hurt/upset/angry at the person who sinned against us. But once we say, "I forgive you," we get to practice letting it go.