Sunday April 19th

Sunday School April 19th


Click Here for this week's Nursery Time Songs and Story.

Kinder-Grade 4* are learning a new family lullaby: "Jesus Loves Me/Jesus Tender Shepherd, Hear Me" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Here is the sheet music and the link to sing-along. Children are singing Jesus Loves Me, the refrain, and verse 3. Parents, you are up for verses 1 and 2. 

Grades 5-8* are learning a new hymn of hope and assurance: "He Will Hold me Fast." Here is the sheet music and the link to the family hymn sing. It opens with memory work from Psalm 139: "You have searched me Lord and you know me.  You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hands will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." 

*Children memorize naturally. Sing through the song once with your child, and then, pick a section that you will work on for the day. If they can't read, read the section line-by-line, having them repeat it back to you (You can also add actions for little ones!). For older children, have them read through the section they are working on for that day. And then, put it down, until you re-visit it again. Slowly but surely, the song will be added to your children's long-term memory bank!

Lesson: Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter


Click Here for the PDF of the story to read aloud with younger children. Grades 5-8, read aloud Luke 8: 40-42, 49-56


Have children take turns. Ask Kinder-Grade 2 age children to remember one item they remember from the story; have older children retell as much as they can remember until the whole story has been retold. 


1. How serious was the sickness of Jairus’ daughter? 
(Very serious, she died while Jesus was on the way to see her). 

2. Why did Jesus say “she was only sleeping?” 
(On Easter, Jesus conquered death. He doesn’t want his children to be afraid of it. He wants us to think of it like going to sleep and being woken up in the morning by someone you love)

3. Why would Jesus allow the daughter to die before he got there? 
(Jesus wanted to show his almighty power and strengthen Jairus’ faith)

4. Can you name some other ways that Jesus has shown his almighty power? Is there anything too big for Jesus, even things that seem terribly scary to us?
(He calmed storms, he conquered sin, death and the devil on the cross, he raised himself from the dead; No, Jesus is bigger than the scariest monster--real or imaginary) 

5. What are the most important things for us to remember when we or someone we love is very sick or dying? 
(Jesus has power over all illness and even death. He also does what is best for believers. If it is best for the person who is sick to get better, Jesus will heal that person. If it is the time God has chosen for that person to die, Jesus will take that person to heaven). 

Here are a few different options for reviewing the story with your kids: You can listen to or re-tell the story and have children act out what they hear: Walk in place like Jairus going to Jesus, Wail like mourners, Lie down with eyes closed like the sick girl, or Take the girl’s hand and Say “get up” like Jesus.  

Teach younger kids this corresponding song to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb:"

Jesus used his mighty pow’r, mighty pow’r, mighty pow’r. 

Jesus used his mighty pow’r To raise a dead young girl. 

One day he will raise us too, raise us too, raise us too. One day he will raise us too.

He’ll use his mighty pow’r. 

Watch: Here is a cartoon-version of the story or Lumo's historically re-enacted version. 


All Ages: Bodies and Souls
Have an older child(ren) imagine they are explaining the death of a believer to a friend or a younger sibling. That person wants to know what happens to them when they die. Give them some time to think about what they would say and then let them practice. You can also use this story, as a way to help them think through and talk about this topic. (The fill in the blanks for the story are as follows: 1. sad, 2., miss, 3. Jesus, 4. sadness, 5. God's, 6. Receive, 7. Lives, 8. forgives, 9. live, 10. Jesus, 11. raised, 12. souls, 13. hurt, 14. heaven, 15. Jesus, 16. heaven, 17. together.). 

For a younger child, use a puppet, a stuffed animal, or turn an old sock into a puppet. Have your child name the puppet. Use the puppet to talk to your child about what happens to our bodies and souls when we die. You can also use some of this skit if it is helpful. Below are some of the basics to cover: 

(God has created us with both bodies and souls. Our souls never die. When believers die, their souls keep living and go to heaven with Jesus. On the Last Day, when Jesus comes back, he will “wake up” everyone's body and join them with their souls. Then with body and soul together, believers will live with Jesus forever in heaven.)

Grade 5-8: Click here for the PDF of your Workbook to complete.
Grade 7/8: Grades 7/8 can either follow along with the lesson above, or they can work independently on their Ephesians Bible study. Their teacher, Mr. Jules Palaisy, is available to answer their questions. For Ephesians, they are focusing on the second half of Lesson 2 (questions 6-11). Today, we are thinking about how we can have full assurance that we are saved. Listen to Hymn 297 "Baptized in Water" while you take a look at this artwork by Full of Eyes. Why does the fact that our salvation, our election, is from Christ and not from us help us when our faith feels weak? (Hint, What happened when you were baptized?). 

Hands--Past, Present, and Future: Jesus' Promises to Me
Jesus has made promises to his children about life and death. Read through these passages with your child(ren). Discuss Jesus promises.

Ephesians 2: 1-10 --Past: Dead in Sins; Present: Alive in Christ; Future: Seated with Christ in Heaven.
John 11:25,26a—Whoever believes in Jesus will live forever. 
Philippians 3:21—In heaven our bodies will be perfect.
Revelation 7:16-17 -- Figurative description of heaven,

Then, trace your hands, and fill them with images that represent your past and present (left hand) and what your future in Jesus holds (right hand). These can be spiritual images (e.g., chains, baptism, broken chains, heaven) as well as earthly images (e.g., where you were born, earthly blessings, what you enjoy, and the gifts and abilitites God has given you). Here is an example of this type of art (though not this project exactly). 

Memory Work

Read Aloud Together

This is our memory work passage through May 10th, reminding us that Jesus died for all people, for the sins of the whole world: 
“He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.” (2 Corinthians 5:15)


Close your family in prayer. This can be your own prayer, the Lord's Prayer, or the prayer below: 
"Dear Jesus, thank you for doing everything necessary to take away our sins and to earn life in heaven for us. Keep us from fearing what will happen when we die. Instead, keep us focused on you and your promise of eternal life. We praise and thank you, our dear Savior! Amen."