Holy Week and Easter Activities

Holy Week and Easter Activities

Easter Sunday

Apologetics for Kids: Eyes on the Bible is a Family-Fun (Ages 8+), Easter Minute-to Win-it Game that corresponds with Pastor Thompson's Easter morning lecture: "The Gospel Easter Stories: Is It History." The game can be independent of this year's Easter morning Resurrection Talk, but tuning into the talk with certainly give you a leg up on your competitors!  Last year's  Easter Morning Symbol Hunt can also easily be adapted for home use.  For elementary-aged children, scroll down to the bottom and click "Easter Symbol Hunt Packet." Print the symbol page and let your kids have fun finding all the mini Easter symbols. For toddlers, scroll down to the bottom and click "Easter Symbols Toddler Packet." Cut out the toddler symbols and either hide them in Easter eggs or just tape them around the house. Use the "My Easter Symbols" to talk to your little ones about the good news of Easter morning. 

Holy Week Activites

Holy Week Devotional Calendar with Matching Egg Hunt and Daily Activities

A great way to prepare for Holy Week with your family! Cut out the daily Easter symbols and hide in an egg (maybe with a daiy treat in there as well!). Have your kids hunt for the egg and then come back to join in the daily devotion. Devotions pulled from "Family Time" from Concordia Publishing House, who is currently releasing free selections of their larger book. Click Here for your Holy Week copy. For those looking for more, below are daily activiites to correspond with your daily devotion to keep your kids focused on the Passion, learning, and having fun! 

Monday: Foil ArtGifts for His Kingdom

God has given each one of us unique gifts that he uses for the glory of his kingdom. If you could draw these gifts what would they look like? (e.g., “musical notes” for musical talents, a “present” for showing kindness to others, “hands” for caring for others, “words” for being a positive voice of encouragement). Collect small junk items from around the house (nails, paper clips, tokens, bolts, sticks, pencil stubs, bottle caps, buttons, etc.). Arrange the items you’re your desired shape. 
Glue the items to a piece of cardboard (can be an old cereal box, cardboard box, etc.). Tear a piece of Aluminum Foil larger than the cardboard. Gently press the foil over your junk sculpture to fit the form, being careful not to tear the foil. Glue the foil to the back of the cardboard to keep it in place. (To give it an “antiqued look,” you can rub shoe polish over it using a soft cloth). 
Older Kid’s Challenge 

Tuesday: Unleavened Bread

During the time of Christ, people ate unleavened bread (bread without yeast) during the festival of the Passover, which is what Christ used for the first Lord's Supper. Try making your own unleavened bread.

Wednesday: Prayer Rocks, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” (Psalm 62:2)

In his deepest need, Jesus turned to the Lord in prayer. We, too, can turn to God in times of need. Gather smooth rocks. Clean and let them dry. Use a Permanent Sharpie to write a Bible verse on the rock that reminds you that Jesus is your rock. Some ideas to get you started: Psalm 62:2, 1 Samuel 2:2, Psalm 18:2, Psalm 18:46. Decorate with paint or markers. Use them to decorate in and outside of your home this Holy week. 

Thursday: Object LessonCelery Jesus

Using celery is a great way to show how Jesus takes all of our sins upon himself. Start with a fresh glass of water, discuss how this was the world in the Garden of Eden. Then have your child(ren) add a drop of food coloring to the glass, discuss that this is what happened when sin entered the world, it made everyone’s heart full of sin. Show the celery, saying this is “Celery Jesus” and he was going to take the sin onto himself and fix our broken hearts. Cut a piece of celery and put it into the water. Discuss how you can re-check it on Good Friday to see what happened. On Friday, switch out the water to clean water again and show the kids how the “stained water” is now inside the veins of the celery, while Jesus gives us pure and clean water. You can also discuss how remembering that God forgives us and takes away our muck, can motivate us to forgive others when they sin against us. 

Friday: Pierced Easter Ornaments

Trace crosses and heart shapes on paper. Cut them out. Have kids cut out magazine pictures of people and glue the pictures to the crosses. Remind the children that Jesus suffered and died to save people from all countries and of all ages, sizes, and races. If you don’t have magazines, you can also just have them make a “mosaic” of color either with scraps of colored paper or markers. Once they are dry, place these cutouts on a folded towel and use a needle to lightly press holes along the edges, either following a pattern or randomly. Use a Permanent sharpie to decorate and add Psalm 103:12—“as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Tie the cut-outs to an indoor branch or outside in the yard.   
Saturday: Celebration Lanterns
Get your Easter celebration started with some Celebration Lanterns! 
Cut a piece of paper or construction paper to 6x9. Fold the 6x9 paper into fourths. Draw designs along the folld (e.g., draw half a heart and when you cut it out and open it up, it will be the full heart, etc) and fill the paper with Easter hope: 

Images of Heaven:
Crown and Palms is a common symbol for heaven, showing the victory that is now ours. Butterflies are another heavenly symbol, representing Christ raising us from death to life. For other imagery, you can look up the following bible verses: Rev. 9-10 (All Nations will be there), Rev. 7: 15-17 (There will be no tears), Rev. 21:21 (It will be beautiful), Rev 22:2 (There will be the tree of life), Rev. 22: 4-5 (We will again walk with God).
Images of Us as New Creations: 
Flowers. Flowers are a common symbol at Easter time that represents our new life in Christ, where we now radiate his strength and beauty. If you did the celery experiment above, you can use the bottom of your celery as a stamper  to make flowers. Other great imagery: "Children of Light" (Ephesians 5:8). Wearing the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:13).

Cut out whatever design you have created on the fold. (Optional: Glue contrasting paper to the back of your cutout). Form the paper into a long rectangular box and staple. Punch two holes at the top. String the yarn or ribbon through the holes and tie the ends to a cutrain rod or outdoor branch. 


Sunday: Outdoor Spray Chalk Symbols

Talk with your kids about some of the names of Jesus and how they correspond with common Easter symbols: The Christ (Chi-Roo, Cross), Lamb of God (Lamb), Christ the Conqueror (NIKA), First-born from the dead (Empty Tomb, Empty Easter Egg, Butterfly). Then, have fun painting these symbols outside with Homemade Outdoor Spray Chalk
Spray Chalk: 
Squirt Bottle
Food Coloring 
Baking Soda
Corn Starch
Fill your squirt bottles 2/3 of the way with equal parts cornstarch and baking soda. Add a couple drops of food coloring in each one. Fill up with 1/3 water and Stir. Once mixed, shake them up well. If kids also want to see their symbols fizz, fill a bottle with vinegar and spray on your symbols afterward.