Sunday School March 29th

Sunday School March 29th



Kinder-Grade 4 are practicing "The Wondrous Mystery" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Here is the accompaniment-version if you and your family want to sing along. Our choir director, Ms. Khrista Petrie, also added an additonal verse that your children have learned to keep the song Christ-centered for Easter: 

The wondrous mystery, of boundless grace divine
The Son became the servant of us all
The fullness of our God, in frail humanity
Obedient to death upon a cross

Lifted to the highest place
Given the name above all names
That at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow
Every power and every throne
Heaven above and earth below
Ev'ry tongue confessin Christ the Lord. 

So on this Easter Day 
Our grateful thanks we sing
To Jesus Christ who died that we might live
Salvation now is mine
Bought by Christ's blood divine
Praise God and praise our resurrected Lord!

Grades 5-8 are practicing "Across the Lands" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Here is the PDF of the music as well as an accompaniment-version if you and your family want to sing along. This week, work on memorizing through verse 3. 

Lesson: The Parable of the Farmer and the Seed


Click Here for the PDF of the story to read aloud with younger children. Grades 5-8, read aloud Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23


Have children take turns. Ask Kinder-Grade 2 age children to remember one item they remember from the story; have older children retell as much as they can remember until the whole story has been retold. 


1. What is a parable
(A story that didn't really happen but is told to teach us something about God that is true).

2. Jesus uses lots of metaphors (picture language where 1 thing is a symbol for something entirely different) to teach us something important. In this story, he wants us to undersatnd what happens when we hear Gods Word. What represents God's Word in the story? What represents our faith? 
(Seeds that are scattered; The plants that grow)

3. We know God's Word is powerful. The Holy Spirit uses it as a means of grace to give us faith, and it also grows our faith. But, according to Jesus' story, does the seed of God's Word always take root in people's hearts? Why not? 
(No. Sometimes it is eaten up before it even takes root. Sometimes its roots are shallow, and the faith withers. Sometimes it is choked out by lots of weeds). 

4. What do plants need to grow? How does God feed our faith? 
(Discuss or Watch a short video on "How Plants Grow." Seeds need good soil to take root. Once they take root, they need to be fed and nourished. God feeds our faith through his Word. God's Word will give you deep roots, so that you can grow into tall trees, bearing lots of fruit--good works). 


Here are a few different options for reviewing the story with your kids: You can listen to the story and have children act out what they hear.
You can watch an animated/song version of the parable or Lumo's historically re-enacted version. 


Kinder-Grade 4: Feed Your Faith (Have adult lead, child(ren) follow)
Pretend to be a plant, sturdy and strong. But, look, where is your root? Oh no, we can't get fed without a root!  What is going to happen to our plants? They are going to droop and crumble. (Droop and crumble to the ground). How can we feed our plants? Listen to Chris Driesbach's “Feed your Faith,” a great song about feeding your faith through God's Word and gospel-centered prayer. Add your own actions!
Grade 3/4: Click here for a Coded Message Worksheet
Grade 5-8: Click here for the PDF of your Workbook to complete. 

Grade 7/8
Grades 7/8 can either follow along with the lesson above, or they can work independently on their Ephesians Bible study. Their teacher, Mr. Jules Palaisy, is available to answer their questions. For Ephesians, start off by watching a background on Paul (Acts 21-28) through the Bible Project. Then finish the PDF of Lesson 1 (questions 6-11).  Adult Follow-up
Discuss how God in his wisdom often leads our lives in very different directions than we envision or plan, as he did with Paul. Tell your child(ren) about a time when things did not go as planned for you, yet God used the events for good. Perhaps you gained patience, learned something new, avoided a danger, or learned to trust God more. Ask your child(ren) if they can think of an example of when their life has not gone as planned. 

Take a nature walk with your family. Identify soil that is hard, rocky, weedy, and rich. Discuss the type of plants that are growing in each one. Talk with your family about the barriers to faith depicted in Jesus' parable: not understanding/believing God's Word (hard path), weak faith in times of trouble or persecution (rocky soil), and a focus on earthly things (thorns). 
When you are back home, ask each family member to think about and name what they think is the biggest obstacle for your family in studying God's Word together regularly. Is it hard to find understandable materials? Do troubles discourage you? Does the frantic pace of life overwhelm you? Once you have identified the obstacles, pray to the Lord, thanking him for the forgiveness only he offers. Then, plan a strategy to overcome your family's obstacles. Many family and faith resources have been added to "Homebound Stress Busters."  Look through them and write down your "Feed your Faith" goals. 

Use this template to Draw/Paint your own Mighty and Beautiful Tree filled with the fruit of the Spirit. 
Here are some Inspiration ideas on how to fill the tree. Older children can click here for lots of different ideas on the type of tree they want to create. While you color/draw/paint, use this opportunity to talk with your child(ren) on what these fruits look like in your every-day life. 

Memory Work

Read Aloud Together

This is our Easter memory work we are practicing through Easter: 
" I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see him with my own eyes--I and not another. How my heart yearns within me." (Job 19:25-27)


Close your family in prayer. This can be the Lord's Prayer, a personal prayer, or the following prayer: 
"Holy Spirit, thank you for giving each of us the gift of faith. Help us find ways to feed our faith regularly with your Holy Word. Lead us to make your Word our first priority, and show us ways to overcome obstacles to hearing it. Amen."