Our Family


St. Paul is served by two pastors.  Harland Goetzinger owned his own publishing and marketing firm for seven years, and held management positions with various firms before becoming a pastor.  He graduated from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's Seminary Certification Program, which included studying at Northwestern College and Martin Luther College.  Upon graduation, he continued his training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. During his third year of training, he served as a Vicar at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Clifton Park, New York.  He serves now as pastor at St. Paul, as well as president of WELS-Canada.  He is married to his wife Karen, a textile and mixed media artist.  They have two children, Aaron and Meghan.
Luke Thompson studied philosophy at Marquette University and taught philosophy classes in adjunct positions at Bethany Lutheran College and Wisconsin Lutheran College before graduating from the Seminary Certification Program and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.  He served as a Vicar at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in College Station, TX.  He now serves as pastor at St. Paul, and talks internationally at universities and churches  on philosophy of religion.  He is married to Christine, a playwright.  They have a son, Soren and a daughter, Simone.


For over 20 years, Sue McDougall has been St. Paul’s principal administrative assistant. She helps us all stay connected to the comings and goings at a busy church-centre. Sue loves working with her church family, knowing that she is united in faith with so many people both at St. Paul and around the globe. An Ottawa native, Sue loves to get out and enjoy the scenery, walking the trails, biking, and gardening. She is also an avid baker and makes an apple crisp that just smells like home. 
Christine Thompson is thrilled to be joining the St. Paul staff as a part-time Youth and Family Coordinator.  While being home with little ones, Christine has enjoyed volunteering for St. Paul as a children's ministry event and volunteer coordinator, teacher, and program developer. Christine holds a liberal arts degree in Psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College and received her M.A. in Theatre Arts from Minnesota State University. She enjoys blending her varied interests and talents to develop and support St. Paul's mission for excellence in Christian education. You can also finding her cooking every Friday night for Illumine campus ministry, exploring the beautiful Ottawa area  with her kiddos, and working on one of her many playwrighting projects. 


This is Nickolas Reepschlager's first year as Illumine Campus Ministry's Student Coordinator. He is in his second year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. Nick enjoys the relaxing atmosphere Illumine provides after a long week of studying. as well as all the people he meets and the thought provoking discussions he shares.  Nick loves listening to and playing music as well as woodworking. When he is not studying, you can find him playinging his guitar, in his workshop, or at the record store. And when he is studying, he is probably still listening to music.

 St Paul lis blessed to have many members who have immigrated from the South Sudan. We are a welcoming home for all refugees and immigrants, but because of the doors God has opened for us, we are closely connected to the South Sudanese community in Ottawa. Jacob Luk is St. Paul's South Sudanese Evangelist. He leads worship, devotions, and bible studies in the Nuer language. Besides besing a busy husband and father of 5 (soon to be 6!) chidlren, Jacob is also studying with Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary's Pastoral Studies Institute.