What happens when a single drop hits a still body of water? Movement that spreads far beyond the reaches of the original drop of water to the very edges of the surface and the entire body of water is changed. On September 8 and 9 over fifty women from the Ottawa Valley WELS churches, Cross of Life in Mississauga, and the US gathered to learn how their lives as Christian women can have a ripple effect on others. Through workshops and Bible studies the women learned how to intentionally mentor, letting God use them to shape their character and transform the thinking of everyone with whom they come into contact. 

The weekend began on Friday night with an opening devotion led by Pastor Goetzinger and was followed by the first conference workshop with guest presenter Kathie Wendland. After the workshop, there was time for fellowship with a popcorn bar and signature mocktails. The conference continued on Saturday morning with charcuterie breakfast at 8 a.m. and Kathie Wendland’s in depth Bible study, “What Did Paul Mean When He Wrote Those Words,” referring to the ministry conference theme passage of 1 Corinthians 11:1. The third thought-provoking Bible study, “Scripture’s Women of Influence” was led by guest speaker Naomi Schmidt after which, time was given to speak about and honour personal mentors. The weekend ended with closing worship, led by Pastor Halldorson of Divine Word and Our Shepherd.