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To enroll in giving regularly, read below:

St. Paul family,
We're so tremendously thankful for the generous hearts God has given all of you. Through your offerings, not only do you support the gospel ministry and community work we do in Ottawa, but you also take part in a global movement that brings the gospel and much more to all of Canada and the world.
We also encourage you to consider your main form of financial giving to be done through our electronic congregational offering program. Instead of placing money in the offering basket, your offerings are withdrawn electronically directly from your bank account. Whether we give electronically or by physically placing our offerings in the Sunday offering basket, God sees our act of giving as a wonderful expression of worship and trust in his promises. Either form is welcomed at St. Paul. Electronic giving, though, has some tremendous benefits for you and your brothers and sisters at church, including:
  • It's the easiest way to remember to give. Most other scheduled monetary transactions in our lives happen electronically, not with cash or hand-written cheques. No more purchasing cheques just for the offering basket.
  • Using this method provides St. Paul with a clear income projection so that we can plan our future in a financially responsible manner.
  • Scheduled electronic giving helps motivate us to plan our giving, rather than search our wallet for whatever is left at the end of the week.

To take part in our electronic giving program, simply download the appropriate form below (right click and select 'download'), fill it out (either on a hard copy or through the fillable pdf form), and either email it or bring it in to church on Sunday. Hand the form to a deacon or place it in the offering basket, and you're good to go.
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