Devotion and Study Resources

NIV Bible (New International Version)

A reliable translation, St. Paul uses the NIV for all our worship and study needs at St. Paul. Consider NIV's journaling bible, a great edition with margins for taking notes.


Bible App (Life Church)

One of the world's most popular iphone/ipad and android apps, not only does it have the NIV and ESV translations, but also many features and bible reading schedules to aid regular bible study.

NIV Live

Featuring a cast of dozens (including Hollywood actors like Cuba Gooding, Jr.), and a fully orchestrated score, NIV Live is a fully dramatized production of the entire Bible, and includes apps that follow along with the Bible Text. This is hands down the best way to take the Bible with you on your phone. The full version is $70, and worth every penny.

Gospel of Matthew (Lumo Project)

The Lumo Project is dramatizing all four gospels, including narrating with the NIV. The full Gospel of Matthew is available here in clips, which is perfect for devotions. The full movies are scheduled for Netflix. Learn about the full Lumo Project here.

Time of Grace

For a decade now, Pastor Mark Jeske has provided some of the most solid, gospel-centred, forgiveness-based sermons on TV throughout the world. His website offers tons of free sermons, devotions, and other resources. All for free, found here.


ESV Bible (English Standard Version)

A faithful translation, the ESV follows a word-for-word translation philosophy (technically called formal equivalence). Consider ESV's journaling bible, a well-made edition with generous margins for note-taking.


The Lutheran Study Bible (ESV)

An indispensable resource for the bible student, the Lutheran Study Bible has tons of footnotes, maps, timelines, and articles to aid in personal devotion and formal bible study. To find numerous editions, including mobile versions, visit the Lutheran Study Bible's website.

The Gospel of John (film)

John's full Gospel was adapted word for word in this 2003 film. Watching the full three hour epic is perfect for getting through a full book of the bible, and watching clips are useful for devotions. The full movie as well as clips can be found here.

Your Time of Grace

A great video resource, Your Time of Grace are short devotional vingettes excellently produced, featuring gifted WELS pastors sharing God's Word and applying it to your life. The messages are great, the presenters awesome. Everything's free, found here.

Project 1517

This hit podcast, hosted by Twin brothers Pastor Tim and Jon Bourman, gives you 20-minute walkthroughs of books of the Bible. They've covered Amos, Jude, and Jonah. Available as a subscription podcast on all devices.

The People's Bible Commentary Series

Apart from a good study bible (see Lutheran Study below), this is hands down the best resource you can get on helping to understand the bible. It also serves as an excellent devotional way to read through the bible. See NPH's website for both hardcopy and ebook versions.


If you're looking for short, 5 minute devoltional readings written by great pastors applying bible verses to your daily life, NPH's Meditations is the best resource out there. Published monthly, we offer free copies in the church sanctuary in the back.

WELS Daily Devotions

WELS offers daily devotions written by pastors, perfect for a moment of daily meditation. You can find them here, as well as sign up here to have them emailed directly to you. Many in our St. Paul family make this a part of their spiritual growth.

Interactive Faith Bible Studies

WELS offers exceptional bible study courses you can participate in live online, as well as all archived video recordings of all the courses. These are led by professors, stellar missionaries, and gifted pastors. All for free, available here.