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There are so many things that divide… age, race, sex, language, culture, politics, orientation... The list is unending. In a pluralistic world, we may try to transcend some of these barriers, but at the end of day, many of us are still on the outside, trying to find where we belong.  God sees it differently.  He calls all people to know him. He's not looking for only the mighty, the virtuous, or the resolute. In fact, the Bible is filled with stories of the exact opposite: the weak, the irreverent, the lost. That's because it's not about what we do or who we are that brings us closer to God, it is about who God is and what he has done. St Paul is first and foremost about sharing the good news of Jesus that we are forgiven, and that forgiveness is for everyone, no matter what.


Need a fresh start? That first day just didn’t go like you had hoped. Those resolutions are still unresolved. You’ve disappointed those closest to you. We like to think we are improving, in at least some parts of our life. But often, life seems more like a merry-go-round than an upward ascent. Thankfully, Christ’s undeserved love, his grace, is not a one-time only special.  It's a continual renewal. The Psalmist writes, “Your mercies are new every morning.” At St.  Paul, we gather to worship to be refreshed in God’s Word, to hear that we're forgiven over and over again, that we are loved and can start fresh. Do you need a fresh start? We invite you to come worship with us and find refreshment in the Word of God and his promises for you.


The Christian life is all about what Christ has done for you. Being on the receiving end of this grace, this undeserved love, is like getting a Christmas present worth a million times more than what we expected. And so the heartbeat of St. Paul is it’s dedication to learning about that undeserved love.  Our church body produces some of the most highly trained teachers of the bible, and so St. Paul strives for bible classes of that calibre. From in-depth bible history and theology, to apologetics and cultural applications of our faith, we grow in every facet of our faith through our study of God’s Word. St. Paul offers Sunday morning bible classes, advanced theology courses, several bible introduction courses weekly, and much more, all for free.
Sunday morning bible class 9:00am, Sundays, in the Fellowship Hall
Community Foundations Course click here for info and times
Advanced CAP Class off for the summer
illumine (university student) studies 5:30pm, Fridays, click for info
Women's Bible Study off for the summer
Resource Library forthcoming


God is not found in a building. He comes to us through the Word of God. And through his Holy Spirit, he promises to reside in the hearts of every Christian believer. That's why it's so important that we gather together. God is building us into his Church, a family of believers. And just like a family, we want to connect with each other, grow together, care for each other and spiritually encourage one another. At St. Paul, we offer many ways to connect. We encourage you to join in and get involved.

take action

There is no greater cause in this life than showing Christ’s love to those God has called you to. There are so many hurting in this world, many who say, “where is God?” As Christians, we have Christ’s assurance that God’s Holy Spirit now lives in our hearts. God has entrusted us with a noble cause: to show his love, his light, to this world by serving and caring for our neighbors, our community, and our world.  Where is God? Let me show you. “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:18) Here's a short list of some of the ways you can take action with us. (Click the headings for more info on each category.)

Our Community

Our World

Our Church

Quilters of Compassion Christian Aid and Relief Be a Friend
University unSale Global Gospel Partners (LWMS) Be a Warm Meal
Ottawa Impact Drives   Shut-in and Hospital Visits
illumine Service Projects   Prayer Requests
Free Spiritual Counseling    


for families

We have tons of families with kids of all ages, and so we're equipped and excited for you to bring your whole family to worship. From our nursery, to confirmation classes, from Sunday school to teen programs, our family wants to help yours grow in Christ. How can we help?

I Have young children, and I want to bring them to worship.

St. Paul has a quiet glassed in area at the back of church with toys and activities for young children so that parents with babies and toddlers can still take part in the service. Busy bags are also available for kids to take with them to the pews. And if you prefer additional privacy for nursing, tantrums, etc., St. Paul also has a nursery in the lower-level where you can listen to the audio of the worship service. 

for students

St. Paul is the home of Illumine, a community that provides opportunities for university students and young adults to dive into the Bible and faith-related issues. At weekly Socials students meet locally for some home cookin’, time with friends, and theological studies and discussions. Socials are designed for whoever is looking for answers to life's greatest questions and is willing to consider the Christian response. Throughout the year, Illumine Talks gather students from multiple universities and colleges for dialogue and conversation on a multitude of topics—pop culture to philosophy, comparative religions to modern science—demonstrating the relevancy of Christ in both campus life and our modern culture.  Illumine also hosts community service projects, on-campus Film Nights, and an array of off-campus activities. Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Looking for a place to worship?

We've got you covered. Join us and many other university students throughout the year in worship.
Skeptics, doubters, and deep thinkers are all welcome here at St. Paul. Maybe you've never been a Christian and it all seems too unbelievable. Let us share with you why we believe. Maybe you've been hurt by the church in the past. Let us show you how things can be different. Maybe you're burdened with trouble or guilt. Let us help you carry them. Whatever your background, we want to get to know you. However you feel about Christianity, we want to talk to you.
What are you willing to do for love? Join us for two months of learning everything God was willing to do, and learning how God's gospel message of unending mercy and grace motivates us to do the same. We'll see how God's love motivates us to do hard things: work towards a better world, hold ourselves and others accountable, and work towards patience with one another and the people in our lives. We'll see how God's love motivates us to do incredible things: give ourselves for others and listen when people need a caring ear.

All this, though, flows from seeing everything Jesus has done for us and continues to do.
The philosopher king, Solomon, wrote three thousand years ago that if there is no God, “Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.” What did he mean? How can the Christian God be the key to our lives having transcendent value, purpose, and direction? Why is he the key to to the greatest philosophical questions in history? Join us as we explore Solomon’s book, Ecclesiastes, and why the Christian God is the only true source to the meaningful life.

9am, Sunday Mornings
Continues August 20

On November 5: four congregations, three choirs, five pastors, and numerous musicians and worship leaders will gather to celebrate our diversity that God has united around his Word alone, his Grace alone, and faith in his Son, Jesus, alone. After worship, join us for a dinner celebrating our diverse heritages, from China to the South Sudan, from Bulgaria to Canada. Join us as we celebrate 500 years of God bringing people from all corners of the globe around his Word.
Worship: 3:30pm
Festival Dinner: 5:00pm

Joining the congregations of Abiding Word (Orleans), Divine Word (Barhaven), Our Shepherd (Poltimore), and St. Paul (downtown Ottawa)

?For more info on worship at St. Paul, click here.
Starting November 5, St. Paul reflects on over 500 years of God's grace on us, his children. 500 years ago, a young monk named Martin Luther found his true identity as a child of God through Jesus and Jesus alone. He built a community not based on guilt, but based on love and thankfulness. And he found in the bible the motivation to serve each other not based on fear, but based on a freedom given us through Jesus based on the assurance of a future with God. This fall, in Sunday worship we celebrate the birth of our Lutheran church family.
November 5, we celebrate the Reformation, when Christians rediscovered the real Jesus
November 12, we celebrate Jesus' coming as Judge and Saviour
November 19, we celebrate all the Saints (people made holy) who are in heaven thanks to Jesus
November 26, we celebrate how Jesus is our King, conquering death for us

For more info on worship at St. Paul, click here.